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Friday, January 23, 2015

For the Love of Postcard Art

By: Corinne Court, Registrar at Curt Teich Postcard Archives
PACE 2005: Flora, Erin Endicott, woven watercolor
Are you an artist? Do you like to create original works of art for fun? Then I have a challenge for you!

The Curt Teich Postcard Archives at the Lake County Discovery Museum is pleased to announce a call for entries for the tenth Postcard Art Competition and Exhibition (PACE).  It's a juried competition that celebrates the postcard as an art form, and challenges artists to create original works of art in 4 x 6 inch postcard size.

Don't be afraid to let loose. Works of art will be judged on overall creativity, technical expertise, and content. Just check the postcards below. They're pretty unique! :)
PACE 1997: Copper Iron, Mary Nash, mixed media
PACE 2005: The Future is Positive, Maki Geno, acrylic
PACE 2011: Queen of Clubs, Michele Jackson
digital collage

PACE 2001: Nereid Riding a Bull, Archie Brennan, tapestry
PACE 2003: Hardware, Software, Ron Testa, computer art

Here are the rules:
1. You must 18 years or older to enter
2. The works of art must be 4x6 inches -  postcard size
2. Art can be in any two-dimensional medium
3. Art can be in three-dimensional work with a depth no greater than three-eighths of an inch
4. Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2015

Twelve winning artists will each receive a cash award of $150. A set of postcards will be made from the winning works, and each artist will receive 200 copies of their postcard. Each of the winning artists will be eligible for Awards of Excellence in the amount of $300, $200, and $100 for first, second, and third place positions. Twenty-four merit award winners will be selected and included in the traveling exhibition that starts at the Lake County Discovery Museum and travels to local galleries and cultural institutions in the Greater Chicago Area for approximately one year!

For more information about PACE, and the prospectus entry form, please visit

Also, the Curt Teich Postcard Archives just printed a beautiful book titled, Carte Postale: The Postcard Art of PACE. Carte Postale brings together, for the first time, the 325 pieces from the 1995 through 2011 PACE exhibitions. It would be a wonderful gift for art enthusiasts! To place an order, call the museum store at 847.968.3400.

Here are a few of my favorites:
PACE 2009: Suppose We Could Not Love?
Randee Ladden, digital collage
PACE 2005: Geronimo - A Colorful Spirit
Robert Nonnemacher, watercolor and pencil
PACE 2003: Who Loves Ya Baby?
Doug Travis, mixed media

PACE 2009: Bird Song, Kristen Janes, paper collage and acrylic paint

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Postcards From Around the World!

G151521.  We Wish You a Happy New Year!
By: Corinne Court, Registrar at Curt Teich Postcard Archives

The great thing about New Years is that it happens around the world. If you can't stay up till midnight in your time zone (such as myself), you can tune into England's New Year's Eve!  Do they even celebrate New Years? hmmm, this year I'll find out.


Curt Teich & Company's postcard number 1.  Hey, the Masons celebrate the New Years too
A29438, 82 degrees Fahrenheit San Diego during New Years,
 back in the 1910s. Today, they will have a high of 57 degrees.  
We woke up here in northern Illinois to 1 degree Fahrenheit. 


A68861. I wish I was in Hawaii for New Years
9DK533. Dragons dance and firecrackers pop during
 Honolulu's lively celebration of Chinese New Year,
which is celebrated in February.


G6081, New Year's Day, Kirkwall, Scotland 1906.  It was the Kirkwall Ba' Games.

According to good ole wikipedia, Ba game is a version of medieval football played in Scotland, around Christmas and New Year. The game of football has no official rules, but there is a code of honor among players whereby certain acts are considered strictly unacceptable.  This code is generally adhered to extremely well by those who play  the game and as a result the game is self-regulating and self-policing, requiring no intervention from outside parties.  If only Ndamukong Suh could adhere by this standard. 

G4747, Maikos are seen washing their hands prior to
making their New Year's homage to Shinto shrine.

G1193, godt nytt år - Good New Year

G1192, godt nytt år - Good New Year
G1195, godt nytt år - Good New Year

Animals like to celebrate New Years too!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Art of Selling the Holidays


I love the holidays. I mean, who doesn't? I love the string of twinkling lights running down main street, the 24-hour Christmas music on the radio all season long, and the joy I feel when I shop for the ones I love.  Besides the television and emails screaming at me to check out the stores' 'Super Sales', 'Black Friday' sales, 'Cyber Monday' sales, I do receive a large amount of postcards in the mail advertising products or wishing my family a happy holiday.

One of the main functions of a postcard is to advertise a product, and what better way to sell Christmas, then selling through postcards. Here are a few examples I found at the Curt Teich Postcard Archives.

Selling Christmas Cards:

5DK520, Hampton Personal Greeting Cards

5DK520 & 1DK663, Message from Hampton's Traditional Collection 
1DK663, Hampton's Personal Greeting Cards

Selling 'Life Size' Santa's
3DK659, A very large Santa, to greet you at your door
3DK659, 5' tall, 21' wide, That is one big ole Santa!

Selling Christmas Decorations:
4EK42, Pick a Color! I think I want Avocado. 

Selling, Using the Holidays:

1DK1485: Selling Tourism

1DK1512: Selling Cheeseburgers...yummmy

We Wish you a Joyous and Safe Holiday!

- Staff at the Curt Teich Postcard Archives