Thursday, June 13, 2013

Postcards of Summer Fun!

By: Corinne Court, Collections Cataloger at Curt Teich Postcard Archives

Summer is here! Ok, not officially, but with the warmer weather, how can we not call it summer?  In honor of this yearly special occasion, I thought I would share unique summer road trip options from the 1950s.  One warning, a few of the places I share may be closed or changed, but I thought perhaps I could inspire some family road trips this summer.

Wisconsin: Little Norway, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin
Little Norway is a tourist attraction and living history museum in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. It started in the 1930s with a fully restored Norwegian farm from the mid-19th century.  The biggest attraction is the Norway Building, which was built in Norway and brought to American for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.   However, Little Norway is closed for the 2013 season as they work with foundations, scholars, and advisors to reorganize its ownership and future.
Christmas Withdrawal: North Pole, Colorado; Santa Claus, Indiana; Anoka, Minnesota
Half Christmas is on June 26th and what better way to enjoy Half Christmas, than to go to Santa Claus Land in Indiana or Santa's Workshop in Colorado? In the 1950s, these theme parks were filled with Christmas theme villages and attractions.  They were for children to have fun and visit Santa Claus all year-round.  Claimed to be the world’s first theme park, Santa Claus Land in Santa Claus, Indiana is now an amusement park called Holiday World & Splash.  North Pole, Santa’s Workshop in Cascade-Chipita Park, Colorado is still open.   But, Santa Clause Town in Anoka, Minnesota closed sometime in the 1960s. 
        Santa Claus Statue, Santa Claus, Indiana, ca.1955
Entrance to Santa Claus Town, Anoka, Minnesota, ca. 1954

Fairyland Village at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Colorado, ca. 1958
Pennsylvania: Coudersport Ice Mine, Coudersport, PA
Information from the back of the Curt Teich postcard reads: “The Coudersport Ice Mine is not a place where ice is mined, but is a wonderful freak of Nature in which beautiful and fantastic ice formations appear during spring, summer, and fall, but melt on approaching of cold weather.” The cave was discovered in 1894 and was a tourist attraction for many decades, but due to shift in the landscape, the cave has been closed to the public since 2004.
A Few More Unique Attractions:
The Broken Boot Gold Mine, Deadwood, SD

Underwater Boat at Rainbow Springs, FL
Villa Zorayda, St. Augstine, FL

 The Adobe Ruins, Knott's Berry Farm, Ghost Town, CA

Nell and Bell, Knott's Berry Farm, Ghost Town, CA

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