Monday, January 6, 2014

Channeling Winter Frustrations Using Postcards!

By: Corinne Court, Collections Cataloger at Curt Teich Postcard Archives
DPC8980, New York City
DPC6865. A Race
I'm going to assume this is a fact this one likes winter today.  The arctic air has swept through the United States, moving across the Midwest and causing major headaches to commuters and anyone who has to go outside. 
**WARNING** do not go outside.  
Yesterday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers lost, to the San Francisco 49ers, on their turf that was -10 degrees in windchill. This morning, Green Bay,Wisconsin is at -16 degrees and it feels like -44 (fun!). Many more places are affected today by this life-threatening cold. So I thought, why not write a post about winter. It won't be about the pretty winter-scene postcards (which many are), or about natural disasters caused by winter conditions (which happens a lot). No, this post is merely images of winter around the world.

G9596, Norway
WOF112, France
WOF1572, Caux, Switzerland
WOF1452, St. Petersburg, Russia
A311, Alaska

DPC9587, Niagara Falls, New York

If anyone is doing this today, we will hunt you down!!
0BH86, Ok, not hunt, but be extremely jealous!


  1. OK, I didn't go to the beach today but the Temperature is 76* right now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sorry to rub your nose in the snow.

  2. Ive been reading about this arctic temperatures in the US and Canada...winter spared us its extremes this time, but therefore gave us enough smog for a lifetime..and if i could choose, id definitely pick the least Ill have some clean and fresh air to breathe=)


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